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Your Simple, Effective AM Skincare Routine

Your Simple, Effective AM Skincare Routine


“Effective skincare that promotes your skin health each day doesn’t have to be complicated. Easy to use products made with key actives like Retinol, Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and, of course, sunscreen are all you need to maintain healthy skin.”

- Art Pellegrino, SVP, R&D, ROC SKINCARE


If you’re like most people, you’ve got a limited amount of time to get ready before work in the morning. The last thing you need is a complicated skincare routine. You want to make the most of your time, with high-performance products that invigorate your complexion and set your skin up for success in the day ahead. What is the best morning skincare routine?

We’ve curated what we think is the perfect uncomplicated AM skincare routine with a few easy to use products that give your skin what it needs to face the day ahead.


Among the many reasons you should strive to get enough fruits and vegetables into your diet each day, is one which has a direct effect on your skin health: antioxidants. The vitamins your body absorbs from the fruits and vegetables you eat are essential sources of the antioxidants used by your body in a multitude of ways.

What are antioxidants and what do they do? Well, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH), antioxidants are compounds that can prevent or slow damage to cells caused by free radicals, which are unstable molecules produced by normal body processes and environmental stresses like pollution, radiation, and cigarette smoke. In the body, free radicals are involved in many diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease. Antioxidants work by neutralizing free radicals, which can help prevent them from causing damage to cellular components like DNA, proteins, and lipids.

Vitamin C is one of the most potent antioxidants found in fruits and vegetables. In fact, while the human body doesn’t produce Vitamin C on its own, we cannot survive without sufficient levels of the substance. When used topically in a face serum with Vitamin C, its benefits are both immediate and long-term.


"Vitamin C is a key component of skincare routines I recommend to most patients looking to age gracefully”

- Dr. Scott Walter, MD, FAAD




The eyes are not only windows to the soul, but windows to your age. Have you ever wondered why your eye area was the first place to show signs of aging on your face? (It’s the thinnest skin on your face and highly exposed to sun damage.) And, if you’re like most people, dark circles and puffiness are common concerns in the mirror each morning.

Image of Revive + Glow Vitamin C Eye Balm

One of the best ways to brighten the look of dark circles and depuff under-eye bags is an anti-aging eye cream with Vitamin C and peptides.

RoC's MULTI CORREXION® Revive + Glow Eye Balm is designed with RoC's patent-pending complex of brightening Vitamin C and firming peptides to visibly reduce dark circles and puffiness.

This cooling eye stick with Vitamin C glides on invisibly with a touchless application for powerful results.



In 1 week, 96% saw healthier-looking eyes, and in 4 weeks, eyes appeared brighter with dark circles and puffiness visibly reduced.



RoC’s® MULTI CORREXION® Revive + Glow Daily Serum is an all-over brightening face serum with Vitamin C plus peptides for instant luminosity.

Image of MULTI CORREXION® Revive And Glow Daily Serum with product swatch, glass dropper and orange slice

One of the best Vitamin C serums, the clinically proven formula contains a patent pending 10% Vit C complex and visibly brightens and tightens. In fact, 94% had instant luminosity and, in just 4 weeks, 100% had visibly brighter and tighter skin.

Board-Certified Dermatologist Dr. Scott Walter, MD, FAAD, recommends that his patients incorporate a Vitamin C like RoC’s® Revive + Glow Daily Serum into their skincare routines.

“Vitamin C is a key component of skincare routines I recommend to most patients looking to age gracefully. It is simply an all-around powerhouse ingredient that can help fade dark spots, brighten skin complexion, and protect the skin from potentially harmful pollution (oxidative stress). The Multi Correxion Revive & Glow Daily Serum is packed full of Vitamin C and clinically proven to lead to brighter and even skin tone without any irritation!"



100% had visibly brighter and tighter skin.


Nothing is more important in your morning skincare routine than the last step: sunscreen. In fact, without adequate protection from photoaging that a sunscreen for face provides, none of the other products in your routine – even the best Retinol face cream or Vitamin C serum – can prevent or correct ongoing damage from unprotected UV exposure.

Effective skincare doesn’t need to be complicated if your products are designed to perform. Keep it simple, but keep at it and you’ll see a fresher, more invigorated and youthful complexion in the mirror at the start of your day.

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