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Our Story

The promise of visible results and a lifetime of healthier skin.

Created In Paris in 1957

Founded in 1957 at Pharmacie Rogé Cavaillès in Paris, RoC® ingenuity has brought true innovation to skincare – including the first-ever hypoallergenic product, complete UV protection, and the stabilization of Retinol. Today, RoC remains at the forefront of dermatological innovation, partnering with leading dermatologists for the most informed insights into the functions and needs of your skin. Harnessing cutting-edge, patented technology to deliver skincare solutions that optimize your skin health at every stage of your life. We’re science led and always 100% clinically proven.

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Since 1957, RoC® ingenuity has brought true innovation to skincare. It began with the first-ever hypoallergenic skincare formulations, developed by Dr. Jean-Charles Lissarrague, a pharmacist at Pharmacie Rogé Cavaillès in Paris.

This was the first of multiple groundbreaking collaborations with dermatologists over the years, leading to the development of revolutionary products, ingredients and technologies. Dr. Lissarrague believed in innovative skincare solutions based on advanced science to help people feel their absolute best, day after day.

For more than 65 years, innovation through collaboration has been at the heart of all we do at RoC. 

After all, it has inspired a legacy of firsts…

Retinol molecule


Beginning in 1960, RoC scientists developed the first broad spectrum UV protection in a sunscreen to proactively prevent signs of aging. Their fervent dedication to skincare innovation led to the invention of a method for stabilizing Retinol, an industry first – and to this day the greatest skin-aging discovery in the history of skincare.

By combining Retinol with other ingredients like Vitamin E and delivering it in pioneering packaging that preserved its efficacy, RoC offered the first over-the-counter Retinol product, making it possible for daily use – and for people everywhere to recapture a smoother and healthy-looking complexion.

Award-Winning Products

RoC products are recognized annually for their exceptional efficacy and innovation. Powered by our award-winning Pure RoC Retinol® and other proven ingredients, numerous RoC facial skincare products have been recently recognized by beauty magazines and editors for their exceptional, clinically proven benefits to improve the healthy appearance of your skin.

Clinically developed with Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons seal over a background showing scientific beakers


From our earliest days, RoC scientists have partnered with leading dermatologists for the most informed insights into the functions and needs of human skin. By understanding the inner workings of the skin down to the cellular level, we are best positioned to develop effective ingredient and formula technologies that can deliver the kind of results you expect from scientifically developed and clinically proven skincare.

Image of retinol, hyaluronic acid and swertiamarin molecules in petrie dishes. DERM CORREXION® Contour Cream for Face & NeckDERM CORREXION® Contour Cream for Face & Neck


Every RoC product is science led – developed and tested to ensure the highest quality and efficacy. Our scientists have researched up to 1,000 ingredients before creating the final formula, one that delivers real results and assures we prove our promises…in every product, every time.

Every RoC formula undergoes rigorous testing to evaluate and assure its safety and efficacy. In fact, RoC is one of the only manufacturers to conduct a one-year clinical study proving that the benefits of RoC Retinol never plateau; instead, the formula becomes more effective with continued use.

PETA APPROVED: Global Animal Testing Policy


100% CRUELTY-FREE & PETA APPROVED:RoC Skincare is recognized by PETA and it’s Global Beauty Without Bunnies Program as a brand that does not conduct animal testing of any kind.

We Prove Our Promises

UV sunscreen and Retinol marked the initial milestones, yet RoC remains dedicated to envisioning, innovating, and creating novel formulas and technologies that effectively target various skin concerns. Whether it's addressing dryness, dullness, and or visible wrinkles, RoC is at the forefront of skincare advancement.

Our steadfast commitment is to continually develop products tailored to meet your evolving needs, ensuring you look and feel your best at every age and stage of your life.