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What does serum do for your face?


When it comes to anti-aging, a serum is arguably one of the most important products to have as a part of your skincare regime. Whether you’re looking to smooth out wrinkles, brighten a dull complexion, or plump up lax, sagging skin, the right serum has the power to transform the appearance of your skin for the better.

What are the benefits of using a serum? Below are some of the key benefits of using a serum as part of your daily routine, as well as differentiating between the types of serum available and how they work.


What is A Serum?

Thinner than a face oil and less creamy than a moisturizer, serums are light, fast-absorbing liquids consisting of large quantities of ingredients that offer high order skin benefits designed to easily penetrate the skin. They’re easy to apply and work best when tapped into damp skin after cleansing when the face is clean and product-free.

While more costly than moisturizers and face creams, a one-ounce container of serum should keep you going for months—and there’s a valid reason behind the additional cost. Unlike some moisturizers, serums contain a higher concentration of beneficial active ingredients that target multiple skin concerns, which are more expensive —and effective—than products that include additional ingredients.

A serum’s list of benefits is long, from improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles to delivering antioxidants that protect skin from aging environmental damage and soothing sensitive skin. Since it absorbs quickly into your skin, adding a serum to your skincare routine couldn’t be easier.


Difference between face serum, moisturizer, and face oil

While they can all be used to treat the skin, serums, face oils and moisturizers each have a slightly different purpose. A face oil is thicker in consistency than a serum—which is most often a water-based formula—and its primary purpose is to nourish, protect and moisturize the skin.

Meanwhile, a moisturizer uses a thicker formula to create a hydration-locking barrier. This prevents the skin from drying out and helps to retain moisture.


What is hyaluronic acid serum?

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that is naturally produced in our bodies, and it plays an important role in the structure of skin and keeping skin looking youthful and moisturized. Over time, factors such as aging and environmental aggressors can cause these levels to drop. If you’ve noticed your skin becoming dry, thin and wrinkled, then serums are a great way to restore the body’s hyaluronic acid levels to give your skin a more youthful appearance.

Proven to draw moisture from the air around us and from within skin up to the surface, serums containing hyaluronic acid are used to hydrate the skin and give it a plumper appearance. Continued use of a serum like our MULTI CORREXION® Hydrate & Plump Serum Capsules will leave you with plumper, firmer-looking skin with visibly reduced lines and wrinkles. 


What Does Vitamin C Serum Do?

We need vitamin C to stay alive, and while it may be an essential antioxidant, our bodies don’t actually produce any vitamin C by themselves. This means that we need to rely on external sources such as food, supplements, and skincare products to keep our bodies working as they should.

We know about the benefits of getting vitamin C in our diets for immune support, but did you know that vitamin C is one of the best anti-aging ingredients on the market? It’s just as necessary for our skin as it is for our bodies, and while this age-defying micronutrient might be easy enough to get into our diets, we can’t be sure that enough is going to go where it’s needed.

Vitamin C serum contains concentrated ingredients that can be applied exactly where you need them. As well as its anti-aging properties, vitamin C serums such as our MULTI CORREXION® Revive + Glow Night Serum Capsules are both hydrating and brightening and can help reduce redness and even out skin tone. Over time, the skin will appear more contoured and lifted, giving you that much-desired youthful glow.


What does retinol serum do

Arguably one of the most effective anti-aging ingredients of all, retinol has the power to improve cell turnover, revealing fresh, younger skin, even your skin tone, and boost the skin’s collagen, leading to smoother, firmer skin. This not only slows and reverses the signs of aging but essentially rewinds it, causing skin to appear smoother and more radiant. Since retinol is such a powerful ingredient, it should be initially used in smaller quantities and built up over time.

With a retinol serum like our RETINOL CORREXION® Line Smoothing Night Serum Capsules, you may need to start by using it every other day and working your way up to once or twice daily. With regular use, you can expect to see proven results in just four weeks. In fact, in just one night of use, 97% of our customers had visibly reduced lines and wrinkles.

Serums are easy to include in your daily skincare regime and have many benefits, particularly if you’re after a more youthful appearance. We can help you to find the right serum or treatment to address your concerns. 


Discover more tips and advice on our blog, or continue reading to find out exactly how to apply face serum.

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