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See how our innovative approach to skincare continues to set the standard for lasting beauty.

Created in Paris in 1957

Created at the Roge Cavailles pharmacy in 1957 by Dr. Jean-Charles Lissarrague, a Parisian pharmacist who believed in a more proactive, positive and pleasurable approach to beauty, RoC®’s revolutionary line of skincare was born.

Dr. Lissarrague was a firm believer in crafting innovative skincare solutions to help women look and feel their best at every age. He created the first hypoallergenic skin care product, first SPF sunscreen, and was the first to discover the method for stabilizing Retinol, combining it with other antioxidants to make it possible for daily use.

Artfully Crafted & Clinically Tested

Every RoC® product is artfully-crafted and scientifically-tested to ensure nothing but the best in quality. Our head scientists can investigate more than 800 ingredients before deciding on the ideal formula and once it’s crafted, we put it through rigorous testing to determine its safety and effectiveness.

In fact, RoC® is one of the only manufacturers to have completed a 1-year clinical study proving the benefits of RoC® RETINOL do not plateau—it actually becomes more effective with continued use.


Award-Winning Effectiveness

The rigor of our method only has one goal: to assure you that we are committed as much as you are to make your beauty last. Our innovative products continue to be recognized by industry leaders, dermatologists and beauty editors, year after year, for their best-in-class effectiveness.

We believe it’s our approach to methods, not miracles that helps set the bar for our award-winning products and continues to raise it.


History That’s Forward Thinking

We may have developed the first hypoallergenic product, the first sunscreen and the first over-the-counter Retinol, but that doesn’t mean we’re done yet. Over the past few years we’ve been doing something different: going further to reinvent ourselves and developing new formulas — like our Chest, Neck & Face cream that approaches aging beyond the chin.

By building on our past and expanding towards the future, we’re committed to helping women be their most beautiful today, tomorrow and beyond.