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RoC® Skin Care Products

About Us

Created by a Pharmacist

Understanding women's desires to look and feel their best at every age, Dr.Jean-Charles Lissarrague created the RoC® Brand in 1957. It was named for the reputable Parisian pharmacy, Rogé Cavailles, where he began crafting revolutionary products that promoted skin health.

Created by a Pharmacist

What Is Retinol?

Get to know more about the popular wrinkle fighter available without a prescription.


What Is Hexinol

HEXINOL™ Technology is new to anti-aging skincare and reduces the signs of aging skin.

Scince of Skin

The Science of Skin

Experts explain what happens to our skin as we age and how to help reverse the signs.

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Quickly get the facts about RoC®RETINOL and all of our products.


Driven by Innovations

Combining beauty with pharmaceutical rigor helps us not only treat the signs, but also the appearance of aging and skin disorders. Never ceasing to find better skin solutions, Lissarrague created the first hypoallergenic skincare product and the first sunscreen.

Retinol Pioneers

Thanks to the introduction of pure, stabilized vitamin A (retinol), RoC® Skincare is considered a pioneer in visibly reducing the appearance of wrinkles. Retinol is the number one treatment in anti-aging, but it can lose effectiveness when exposed to light and air. That's why all of our packaging is specially designed to maintain the integrity of RoC®RETINOL, so you can get the most effective product every time.

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Timeless Beuty

Committed to Timeless Beauty

Every ingredient is carefully chosen for its effectiveness and safety — minimizing the risk of allergies. We put all of our products through rigorous clinical testing to ensure nothing but the best in quality. More than 50 years after its founding, the RoC® remains committed to providing expert skincare and breakthrough technologies so women can be their most beautiful every day.

Award Winners

Beauty Choice Awards

Best RETINOL Cream

Deep Wrinkle Night Cream

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Best Moisturizer

LIFT Anti-Gravity Daily Moisturizer with BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 30

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Beauty Awards

Best Night Cream

LIFT Anti-Gravity Night Cream

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Women's Health Beauty Awards

Best Anti-Aging Product

Sensitive Night Cream

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Prevention's 2012 Beauty Awards

Best Repair Treatment

Anti-Wrinkle Treatment - MAX Wrinkle Resurfacing System

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